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(Above this image) below the image) is an Original HaptiComm prototype that Professor Mounia Ziat plans to alter to fit the hand size to fit the hand of a child. Photo by Vincent Hayward. )

Of all the senses that we have Touch is among the most under-appreciated. Yet, it’s perhaps the most important. It’s the first experience we have when we’re still in the infants of our mothers. It is the last sense to suffer from the effects of aging which is far more than the necessity of hearing aids and Bifocals. It’s also the only sense capable of connecting us to our fellow humans and bond us physically and emotionally with hands, kisses and hugs.

Professor Ziat

This distinction was established some time ago Mounia Ziat, who has devoted twenty years of her professional career to “giving significance to the senses”. A specialist in the area of haptic or tactile technology, her position as Associate Professor of Information Design and Business Communication (IDCC) studies perceptual learning, as well as human-machine interactions. This summer she was granted the computer-related research grants (CS-ER) that is worth 71,500 dollars from Google to support her most recent research that focuses on reproducing the machine-mediated, tactile communication device intended for the smallest members in the society. deafblind.

“Deafblind students are among the most vulnerable children across the world and are among the least likely to receive a formal education,” says Ziat, who is the instructor principal in this Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design program. (HFID) created by Bentley. The reason is that (HFID) as visually impaired and hard of hearing individuals relying on physical contact with others in order to establish contact.

Deafblinds in the majority use this method, which is known as”the tactile signal. The method commonly referred to “finger spelling” was developed by the writer and activist for people who are deaf Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, and requires an interpreter to draw the palm of the hand. Deafblind people. Through the use of different shapes, movements and changes in pressure, the performer is able communicate the specific letters, numbers as well as symbols.

But it is true that, as Ziat states, the majority of deafblind students don’t have the accessibility to an interpreter by themselves or enough money to pay for the services. Even in areas that have ample resources, accessing the services they need can be a challenge, according to Ziat according to Ziat, because “some states have laws or regulations that can hinder people who are deafblind, to be recognized as with more. of disabilities “. Thus, although it is true that the National Center on Deafblindness claims that they have 10600 children who are deafblind throughout in the United States, “the true amount could be far greater. 

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